Green Park founder sets record straight on incorporation’s benefits

To the editor:

It’s no surprise that Democratic County Council candidate Pat Yaeger does not support any incorporation effort in St. Louis County. It would only cut into her and the county’s control.

She is right that the last incorporation effort failed. She didn’t mention the second to last. Henceforth, the city of Green Park.

Come on over sometime, Pat. No taxes on the residents. Free trash service. The residents design what zoning they want.

In short, we as a city have local control over our future. As to your comment about another layer of government, that is so lame because it’s all about the correct layer of government.

As for Republican candidate Ernie Trakas, your time would be better spent incorporating the city of Concord. You’re not going to achieve anything sitting in a chair in Clayton. To the people of Concord, incorporation is the way to stop being underdogs.

Fred Hoehn

Green Park

Editor’s note: Fred Hoehn led the effort to incorporate the city of Green Park.