Green Park could be gem of south county; elects to be Clown City

Warning to Harvey Meyer: This letter contains more than 12 words and is not in-tended to be humorous.

Burke Wasson’s recent article — “Business owners in Commerce Center willing to fund cost of street maintenance” — clearly records the obfuscation of the purpose in forming a committee to study the need for and or the implementation of a business-license requirement in the city of Green Park. The incompetence of Green Park’s inept city officials is glaringly apparent therein as well.

Thanks to Green Park’s lackadaisical elected officials, a disenfranchised citizenry and the incessant babbling of James Smoot, the purpose of implementing a business license in the city has now morphed to a sole concern — funding street repair in the Green Park Commerce Center.

What an utterly moronic circumstance.

The business-license arrow has not only missed the bull’s eye, the inane archers have missed the target completely.

Sadly, citizens following the Call’s reporting of Green Park’s activities over the years, and as evidenced in part by the ongoing business-license fiasco, are certain to conclude that the totality of concerns of the city’s elected officials are fourfold: trash collection, street repair, the annual Christmas lighting contest, and the receiving of holiday fruit baskets and other gratuitous awards from the inutile Green Park Chamber of Commerce.

The annals of Green Park’s brief history reflect a city wrought with maladroit, self-serving elected officials who have denounced community building as folly, decried all suggestions to promote their city and have turned a collective blind eye to a myriad of citizen concerns.

Yet they have been Pavlov’s dog to business interests; doing assorted tricks and heeling on command, thus kowtowing to self-serving masters whose rewards are soon forgotten.

What have you done for me lately?

I recently talked with one on Green Park’s founding fathers. He expressed sincere and profound regret for having taken part in creating the city in which he lives. I can relate to those feelings.

I sincerely regret having purchased a home in Green Park, the little city that could be the glistening gem of south county, but chooses to be Clown City instead.

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park