Green Park alderman says she believes it’s time for change

To the editor:

I have been watching for some time, observing how the Green Park Chamber of Commerce has been schmoozing city officials with regular Christmas baskets, citizen of the year awards, gifts to the city administrator, et cetera, while their issues receive priority attention.

Lobbying? Well maybe, but not when it is expected of citizens as well. A recent case in point is that for over a year, a Green Park citizen sought restitution for damages done to his vehicle during a snow storm. A city administrative error caused a “crater” to be overlooked while street repairs were done to the wrong street.

This citizen persistently pursued the issue with the mayor and continued to receive a deaf ear, until he took the matter to small claims court and the city was served with a subpoena.

Suddenly the matter was resolved by a simple phone call to the city’s insurance carrier, resulting in the citizen being repaid for damages incurred — per a Dec. 13 mayor’s memorandum.

When it takes a lawsuit, an election and a subpoena before the mayor listens to a resident, it is time for a change.

Judy Betlach

Green Park

Editor’s note: Judy Betlach is a Ward 1 alderman for the city of Green Park.