Gotsch Intermediate students caught with character

Students at Gotsch Intermediate School in Affton strive to embody the school’s character traits on a daily basis. Those who do and are “caught” demonstrating good character by teachers and staff members are entered into a monthly drawing to attend a special Pizza With Principals celebration with Principal Brian Smith and Assistant Principal Rose Davis.

The character traits for Gotsch Intermediate School include Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Cooperation, Courageousness, Commitment, Reliability and Self-Control. In December, students who had Pizza With Principals were:

Third grade: Dominic Ledbetter for kindness; Jaelyn Mujanovic for showing self-control; and Connor Wunderle for respect, kindness and reliability.

Fourth grade: Tyanna Finoch for responsibility, respect, honesty, kindness and cooperation; Nancy Licea for kindness and cooperation; Abby Puzniak for cooperation; and Jacob Taylor for responsibility, honesty, kindness, cooperation and reliability.

Fifth grade: Edi Halilbasic for cooperation and commitment; Ashleigh Stevens for kindness; and Amina Suljagic for responsibility.