GOP promotes corporate takeover of America

To the editor:

I picked up your newspaper to see what is going on in this area since my daughter is considering a move here and was amazed at the uninformed, oft-repeated Fox spin and fear-mongering projections and misinformation touted as “facts” by some of your readers in the Oct. 11 issue.

In response to Robert Praprotnik’s unflattering characterization of “mindless Democrats,” it seems that regurgitating Republican distortions of being unsupportive of coal, oil and gas when we have opened more land and offshore drilling and being more energy independent than ever; a “failing foreign policy” that has coalesced the most nations for the severest sanctions on Iran that are actually resulting in economic pressure, to be more of a success than failure; and the largest and growing discrepancy between the wealthiest and the rest, as the real redistribution of — corporate — wealth; and projecting Muslim beliefs as being the “mindless” mindset.

Cindy Trebus says this election is about big versus small government.

Did we just not live through an era where deregulated and unregulated policies lead to the worst economic downturn in recent history?

How is digging our way out of the worst recession since the Great Depression with continued job growth and reduction in unemployment, a “failed economic policy” just because we are not all the way back to where we would like to be?

Somehow, our stock market has managed to skyrocket from below 7,000 points to over 13,000 in the last four years alone.

I believe the “complete makeover of America” will be the complete corporate takeover of America if Mitt and the Republicans have their way.