Girls 10 to 16 get presidential fitness challenge

Girls ages 10 to 16 can participate in the President’s Fitness Challenge.

To encourage young women across the country to be more physically active, a program developed by the United States De-partment of Health and Human Services, called 4Girls Health, has formed a Pres-ident’s Challenge group, according to a news release.

The President’s Challenge is an online series of fitness programs designed to help improve anyone’s fitness level, particularly girls, whose rates of physical activity consistently lag behind boys.

Girls can join along with other girls in the group and log in their fitness activities at

The Web site was developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Ser-vices’ Office on Women’s Health to give girls reliable, useful information about important health issues such as fitness and nutrition. hopes to encourage young girls to take an active role in their physical fitness by promoting healthy, positive be-haviors in girls. Girls ages 10 to 16 are taking a step in the right direction and signing up for the President’s Fitness Challenge through