Get over ‘vendetta’ with Mehlville, reader says

To the editor:

I grew up in the Lindbergh District and moved away until nine years ago.

I currently live in the Lindbergh School District. I have received the Call for years and I am angered by your constant complaining about the Mehlville School District. I am not sure what they did to you or your paper, but it is obvious that you have it out for this district.

It is very disturbing to me that you keep complaining about the cost overruns from the 2000 bond issue approval. I sell commercial flooring — vinyl composition tile to be exact. In 2000, a flooring contractor could purchase one carton of vct for $16.99 per carton — today, that same carton is $24.99 per carton. The cost of the raw materials in this product have gone up over 100 percent and the labor to install this product has gone up as well.

Vinyl composition tile is the least expensive product that is specified for a school. The steel, the windows, the drywall, etc., have all had huge increases in the past six years. That the district only went over the budget by 30.3 percent is amazing to me considering the increase in the cost of building materials.

I realize that this letter will not be printed because I am criticizing you and your paper, but I can only say shame on you for the fact that you will do anything to undermine this school district.

To Mr. Aaron Hilmer and Jim Stonebraker, I can only say you too should be ashamed.

Rather than trying to ruin the district, would it not make more sense to try to work with the district to come up with ways to increase the state funding? Mehl-ville and Lindbergh are both districts that receive minimal support from the state.

Yet, districts like Cape Girardeau and La-due receive large amounts of support from the state. Perhaps your constant criticism would be better served by looking into this discrepancy.

Get over your vendetta against the Mehl-ville District and do something positive for a change.

Barbara S. Stuhlmann