Fribis ‘a grand, knowledgeable, proven servant’

To the editor:

The March 17 Call contained a citizen’s editorial condemning Sunset Hills Ward 4 Alderman Pat Fribis for her decision and vote to not change an existing ordinance.

Pat Fribis has served this city for nearly 30 years. She has tirelessly worked for the benefit of all our citizens. She has donated tens of thousands of hours to learn and know what is best for Sunset Hills.

She has voted thousands of times deciding issues that best serve this city. She has always directed her efforts to a decision she believes will maintain a smooth running civic organization in a manner that benefits all of us.

To call out one of five people who voted to deny a contentious change to an ordinance, and condemn her alone for doing so, appears to be extremely self-serving and inconsiderate of recognizing the concerns of others in the community. In her letter, the complainant judges Ms. Fribis as being incompetent, unprepared and unethical.

Vote however you like. Vote for whatever reason you believe to be important.

But we cannot condemn a devoted civic servant with a proven 30-year record of service to this city and its citizens just because a minor contested issue did not go your way.

Please, dear friends, vote for a grand, knowledgeable, proven servant of our city.

Vote for Pat Fribis for mayor.