Freedom of speech hard to find in Sunset Hills

To the editor

What irony. What paranoia. What freedom?

I am referring to the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen meeting held Flag Day, June 14. There were signs on the doors you enter that stated there would be no discussion of Sunset Manor buyout due to lawsuits that are being filed — I wonder why? There was a table before entering the meeting for a signup list and the topic to be discussed at the close of the meeting. These were filled out and given to the recorder.

Since my father — a World War II veteran — and I go to schools to teach children how to fold the flag and give some interesting facts about the flag, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit some facts about Old Glory at the meeting. I picked the wrong place. You see, freedom of speech does not apply at little Cuba — Sunset Hills. The majority of aldermen and mayor know they have sold the residents of Ward I down the drain. They are so paranoid of being re-minded that they sold out, that they will not allow anyone who disagrees with them to say so. The mayor ran through the closing of the meeting so fast that no one really knew the meeting was over.

When questioned, he said, we are not talking about Sunset Manor tonight. How ironic that the pledge said to the flag states “justice for all.” On Flag Day and others, freedom of speech and justice for all aren’t visible here. It makes me wonder about “to the republic for which it stands.”

The buyout of homes to build an “up-scale” shopping center and the lack of freedom of speech at a public meeting remind me of several countries in the 1960s. I think I’ll run for premier or czar — whichever title sounds better.

Cindy Stobie

Sunset Hills