Free stroke education program, Starting Now, designed to help prevent second strokes

A free, ongoing educational program for stroke patients, stroke survivors and their families called Starting Now is under way at St. Anthony’s Medical Center.

The program is designed to provide in-formation patients need to prevent a second stroke. Starting Now is comprised of one-hour group sessions conducted from 4 to 5 p.m. on five consecutive days — every Monday through Friday — at St. Anthony’s Acute Rehabilitation Center. Staff members teach the classes. Classes are ongoing, so anyone may join at any time.

“Everyone has some stroke risks and some are uncontrollable, such as age or family history,” said Brigid Jensen, program director of St. Anthony’s Acute Rehab. “Part of the focus of Starting Now is on teaching patients how to identify their manageable risks and make simple lifestyle changes to help prevent another stroke.”

The program also educates patients and families on the physical and cognitive effects of stroke, the types of treatment and how caregivers can assist with recovery.

“Knowing the warning signs of stroke is critical in minimizing its effects,” Jensen said. “New treatment advances can help reduce disability, but only with immediate attention. Throughout the Starting Now program, our rehabilitation professionals will continually reiterate the symptoms of stroke and the importance of seeking emergency medical care.”

To register or to obtain more information, call (314) 525-4543.