Fowler says failure of Prop R would have catastrophic consequences

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, the voters of the Mehlville School District will have the opportunity to vote for saving our schools and our community by voting for Prop R.

This is the most important election in a generation; please take the time to vote.

Prop R is a reasonable tax levy — 49 cents — that will help restore our school district to its greatness, but not solve all our problems. As a community, we have an obligation to provide our kids with a good education.

Prop R is good for everyone, whether you use public, private, parochial schools or home schooling. If you don’t have children in school, this measure will help protect your investment in your home.

A community is as good as its school district. Failure will have catastrophic consequences for our community and damage property values.

We lost 61 teachers last year to other better paying school districts. Let’s not let that happen again.

In addition, revenue from Prop R will help fund the strategic plan that is designed to improve academic achievement and fiscal performance in the Mehlville School District. Only good will come from Prop R, and we can return to feeling proud about our school district again.