Fourteen-year-old explains why her mother is ‘Superwoman’

Editor’s note: In recognition of Mother’s Day this Sunday, the Call is publishing the winning entry for its annual Mother of the Year contest.

A story about this year’s Mother of the Year is featured on Page 1B in today’s Mail Call. Fourteen-year-old Kristina Kohl of Le-may, who nominated her mother, Colleen, for the honor, titled her submission “Superwoman.”

Throughout my childhood, I remember writing countless papers about why my mom was the best mom.

Mother’s Day would roll around and my teachers would break out the pencils and paper. Looking back, I recall writing down reasons like, “Because she always takes me to my softball games,” and “She puts up with me,” which were both true reasons, but I don’t think I understood what I was saying.

I don’t think I appreciated my mother the way I should have. I have matured so much over the years, and with that maturity I have also gained knowledge.

When I was younger, sure I loved my mom. I loved her with all my heart, but now that I understand and appreciate her, that love has grown a thousand times more.

My mother has been a single mom for going on 10 years, raising a teen-ager for almost five, doing it all on her own.

I used to think that was no big deal, but after being around kids of all ages and seeing how other teen-agers turned out, I realized what a fantastic job she’s been doing with me. It just amazes how she does it.

On top of being a teacher, working every day and taking care of me, she’s also going back to school right now — and she does all this in time to get the laundry done.

My mother is the reason I am the person I am today, and for that I am very thankful.

Ever since I could walk, my mom has given me options and choices. She got me into baton and Girl Scouts, horseback riding and one-time occasions, but never forced me into something I obviously didn’t like. When I discovered that baton was simply not my strong suit, my mom let me make the decision to quit after the school year ended.

My mom often leaned to one side or the other, but throughout all that, she still gave me space and freedom. She encouraged me to be the best that I possibly could, and when great opportunities came around and I was still in doubt, my mom would always tell me her thoughts and nudge me in the right direction.

I think that all mothers have to be superheroes. I don’t know, maybe the delivery room has radioactive spiders or Kryptonite in it.

But when a mother becomes a mother, they must also get a mask and a cape because there is no other explanation as to how mothers like mine can do everything a normal person does and then come home and cook, clean and still have time to relax and spend time with their daughter.

That is why I love my mom so much and that is why she is the best.