Forty-three earn AP Scholar designation

Lindbergh High School’s Advancement Placement Scholar program continues to grow as a record 43 students have earned the designation of AP Scholar.

The award recognizes the students’ ex-ceptional achievement on the college-level AP exams. Seniors who took AP exams last May were recognized for several levels of achievement by the College Board.

Named National AP Scholars with Distinction were Megan Cook, Kristen Hankins, Stephen Hmiel, Anna Lammert, Michelle Manley, Pattie Mathieu, Nicole Moore, Bryan Nussbaum, Daniel Parker, Jenny Schmitt, Eric Suda and Christopher Tulk. They received an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP exams and grades of 3 or better on five or more of these exams.

Kathleen Adams, Lauren Burkhardt, Chundra Cathcart, Lauren Cooper, Bryan Coplin, Meaghan Endicott, Andrew Hainz, Danielle Hohmeier, Lynsey Jorgenson, Kelly Ledbetter, Scott Linnenbringer, Eric Lyons, Alexander Marle and Adam Wells were awarded the AP Scholar Award with Honor. They earned grades of at least 3.25 on all AP exams and grades of 3 or better on four or more of these exams.

Receiving the AP Scholar Award for receiving grades of 3 or better were Gregory Abell, Sarah Baraba, Gary Blase, Jessica Bonsall, Kevin Courtney, Andria Dirkers, Elliott Giles, Kristin Gregory, Andrea Hanewinkel, Michael Hanna, Georgia Kas-taris, Michelle Marek, Christopher Pies-bergen, Paula Smith, Emily Stubbs, James Winfield and Corrine Zeller.

The College Board’s AP Program offers students the opportunity to take challenging college-level courses while still at Lindbergh and receive college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful performance on the AP exams.

Five years ago, a total of five students earned AP Scholar awards.

“That number has grown to 43 students in 2005,” Irv Mueller, honors program co-ordinator, stated in a news release. “The growth of the AP program at Lindbergh has been quite impressive. In addition to the increasing number of AP Scholars, the numbers of exams taken and number of students involved has risen dramatically. The students are recognizing the value of taking higher level courses in high school.”

In 2001, 126 AP exams were taken by 81 different students. Last spring, 531 exams were taken by 285 students.

The AP Scholars were recognized by the school board for “challenging themselves to reach for their personal best throughout their career at Lindbergh High School.”

Superintendent Jim Sandfort stated, “In addition to recognizing the students, we need to recognize the teachers who are doing an incredible job with these students. They are preparing and encouraging the students to step up and take challenging courses. Looking at the number of students involved and the number of tests taken, it is apparent that Lindbergh continues to accelerate academically with AP.”