Former Ward 1 alderman wonders what’s up with city of Green Park

To the editor:

Rather interesting how newly elected — by default — Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton chose to loudly respond with “That’s none of your business” to a simple question from a fellow alderman during the formal August Board of Aldermen meeting.

The simple query was whether this Ward 1 alderman intended to pursue a $9,000-plus lawsuit against the city of Green Park.

“That’s none of your business.” Hmm.

I was attending this meeting to call attention to the Board of Aldermen the number of heavy trucks entering Green Park from Tesson Ferry Road — despite signage to the contrary. Mayor Bob Reinagel responded that when citizens see these trucks, they should get their names and then call City Hall so city officials can call and remind these truck companies to enter Green Park from Union Road.

Sounds good.

But when I checked with some Green Park citizens, I was told they have been calling City Hall and the truck traffic stops for a few days and then they are back again — and again.

On several occasions, I’ve watched how the stop signs on the new road have become a farce to the Cedarberry motorcyclist. I have watched how rolling stops are becoming the norm for most autos.

Wouldn’t it just make more sense to simply ask for police enforcement or at least for a more visible presence on Green Park Road — just saying.

What’s up with Green Park?