Former Sunset Hills mayors say no fiscal ‘mismanagement,’ Rider was ‘invaluable’

To the editor:

Recent articles in the Call and another local publication that quoted comments made by elected officials may have given Sunset Hills citizens the wrong impression on two matters.

First, the proper fiscal management of our city for the last 15 years has been done correctly and in compliance with all proper accounting procedures.

There has been no “mismanagement” of the finance/administration control of the city.

This is best proven by 15 years of audits of Sunset Hills’ finances by outside certified public accountant firms that have given our city a “clean” audit report.

Secondly, the efforts and diligent work on behalf of Laura Rider, who served as city clerk/finance manager for the 15 years, is beyond reproach.

She did her job in the most professional manner.

The undersigners represent 12 years as your mayors. Laura reported to us.

Although we differ with each other in many other things, we all agree Laura Rider was invaluable during our terms and suggest the city be happy we had her service for the 20 years she worked at Sunset Hills.

Mayor James Hobbs (2000 to 2006)

Mayor John Hunzeker (2006 to 2008)

Mayor William Nolan (2010 to 2014)