Former school board member supports Pommer

To the editor:

One thing I have learned since striving to become an educated and engaged citizen in government is the election cycle never seems to end.

It is hard to believe a year has passed since my attempt at re-election to the Mehlville School District Board of Education did not come to fruition.

Though disappointed to no longer serve this community in that position, I was encouraged by the 5,468 citizens who supported my message of academic excellence and traditional values.

On April 4, I will be casting my vote for Michelle Pommer. Michelle is a wife, mother and parent of students attending Mehlville schools. Michelle understands how paramount it is for the academic opportunity in this district to reflect the character and quality of our families.

In addition, Michelle Pommer is a champion for traditional values. During a time when progressive agendas are sweeping through public school districts, it is important to have board members who will be vigilant in watching out for the welfare of our kids.

I would ask those 5,468 citizens to consider voting for Michelle Pommer — No. 4 on the ballot.