Former Republican committeewoman backs Trakas for council seat

To the editor:

Appearing before the County Council reminds one of words in a song, “I talk to the trees but they don’t listen to me.”

Council members sit there as so many bumps on a log as our words whistle through their ears and never reach their consciousness. It’s as if “of, by and for the people” does not exist in their world, where the voice of the dictator has already cemented their votes.

As a tired American, I know that we must rise up to defeat these obstructions to the will of the people. The proposed apartments at Tesson Ferry and Bauer roads are already on the path to be brought up again until it is a fait accompli, and the dictator has had another flunky added to his cabinet.

Did I mention that a $5,000 contribution has been reported given to the chosen 6th District County Council candidate against Republican 6th District County Council candidate Ernie Trakas?

Our first solution at this time is to elect Ernie Trakas as our 6th District councilman on Nov. 8. He is not and will not be a part of that pack who owe their allegiance to the dictator on the council.

Ernie Trakas is one of us, the people. Our voices will not fall on deaf ears. but will resonate to a gentleman who will represent us and has our best interests at heart. Join me in voting for Ernie Trakas on Nov. 8.

JoAnn Sestric Raisch

south county

Editor’s note: JoAnn Sestric Raisch is a former Concord Township Republican committeewoman.