Former police officer recalls Dr. Bob Rogers as ‘a real stand-up guy’


Letter to the Editor
To the editor:
Back in the early ’70s, I was a police officer with the St. Louis Police Department assigned to the Canine Unit.
My children were students at Wohlwend Elementary School and I planned to do a dog demonstration at their school. My partner could not assist me that day, as he had to attend court. So I enlisted the help of Dr. Bob Rogers, who was principal at that time.
I did the basic obedience and hiding a bag of marijuana in a student’s sock. I left the attack work for last as once the dog saw the attack sleeve, it got really wound up.
This is where I had Dr. Rogers help me.
He gave me a funny look, but I assured him all he had to do was put the sleeve on his arm, run, hold the sleeve out and the dog would grab it.
He did it, and the students got a real laugh out of it.
Dr. Rogers was a real stand-up guy.
Wilbern Grove