Former opponent questions Haefner’s record in Missouri House

To the editor:

As you know, I ran against Rep. Marsha Haefner, R-Oakville, in 2012.

At that time, you endorsed Haefner. While not a quote, you said at that time, that even though Rep. Haefner had not accomplished anything, she deserved another term. It is four years later and two more terms, and she still hasn’t accomplished much, if anything, for the voters of this district.

Four years ago, our schools were grossly underfunded and they still are. Rep. Haefner not only did nothing to provide more funding for schools, but also actually voted to reduce the funding formula, so it wouldn’t look so bad.

In addition, the voters in the Mehlville School District overwhelmingly passed a tax increase, needed because of the underfunding by the state. Even her own son supported the initiative while she did nothing.

Four years ago, ethics reform was dearly needed, and it still is.

Unlimited contributions allow special interest groups and millionaires to pour money directly to their handpicked candidates. Gifts from lobbyists go directly to our elected officials with no oversight.

It’s no wonder Rep. Haefner hasn’t done anything about these abuses, since she’s accepted a $25,000 donation from a single donor who has no connection to this district.

Four years ago, Missouri law didn’t comply with the 2005 Real ID Act, a law signed by President George W. Bush to prevent counterfeiting of driver’s licenses and to reduce terrorism. She did, however, vote to require all voters to have photo identification at the polls.

So shortly, we’ll be required to use our easily counterfeited IDs to vote, but we won’t be allowed to use them to get on a plane. She also voted for open carry without background checks.

This position is out of touch with the voters in this district and across the country.

I wonder, are you going to endorse her again?