Former Mehlville school board member supports Palamand, Felton

To the editor:

With another election approaching, I wish to express my personal thoughts on what I have experienced and learned over the past years.

Not that it will or should sway anyone’s belief, but more in hopes to solidify that belief and motivate everyone to vote one way or another. Either test your belief and justly change it or solidify it because it has emerged as the best choice.

I have never voted straight Republican or straight Democrat, yet. I vote for the person I believe will do the best job in that position. I even believe it is usually best to have conflicting opinions within the same board of trustees. In my experience, it has always led to a better understanding of each issue. Sometimes debate has altered my opinion and sometimes it has made me more certain of the course I was on, and it has always lent the proper temperament to make my decisions stronger.

The Mehlville school board has three candidates running this year. I cannot provide an educated insight to Lori Trakas, because I do not know her. Nor do I know enough about her campaign. I can attest to both candidates Venki Palamand and Larry Felton.

Venki Palamand was elected to the board six years ago and immediately impressed me with his insatiable appetite to learn all that he could in order to be the best board member that he could be. He is a student of life and often applies what he has learned in of education. He believes in education and is a wonderful representative for a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program.

Venki Palamand is an intelligent human being who compounds good results with the care and effort he puts forth. Venki has compiled a number of notable achievements that have already been listed many times in the Call. The reason he has my vote is namely because he selflessly devotes himself to the greater cause of our community.

Venki graduated from Washington University. People I know from the East Coast have called Washington University the “Harvard of the Midwest.” WU is a highly respected institution, and we are lucky to have someone of his caliber ensuring the good direction of the Mehlville School District. Venki Palamand is a sure vote in my book.

Larry Felton is somewhat different than Venki, yet plays a significant role in the board’s success. Larry has experienced the inner workings of the Mehlville School District firsthand through sending five of his own children through the ranks. Now he demonstrates the same interest and care in providing a good education for our children. He is a genuine individual. I credit Marea Kluth-Hoppe for encouraging him to run for the board six years ago.

Larry listens to the opposition, makes a fair evaluation and votes what he believes to be the best choice at the time. He is a dedicated volunteer who has devoted much of his free time to make our lives better. He is a worthy candidate that I believe would continue to do a good job on the board.

Vote as you will, but please do vote.

Ken Leach