Former Mehlville board member says education cartel is still at work


To the editor:

Poor John Wolff, the retired Mehlville School District communications director still grinding axes after all this time.

I vaguely remember making those points that John claims in his June 25 letter to The Call. But, no doubt he remembers better than I, as he was paid for being the public relations lackey for the administration and no doubt his questionable contributions to the district were at risk.

And he was never as concerned about the abused taxpayers as he was with the schools’ obscenely overcompensated administrators. John must be having trouble

finding something to do in retirement, if he still has time to carry water for the Mehlville education cartel.

John’s cheap shot reminds me of the verbal attacks perpetrated on myself and then-school board President Mark Stoner in 2013.

The national office of the NEA (National Education Association) and its local affiliates had been one of the largest donors to Obama’s re-election campaign. Since the teachers were so fond of Obama, President Stoner, with my support, suggested letting the Mehlville teachers get their health insurance from Obamacare and letting the Mehlville taxpayers “off the hook.”

Of course the teachers wanted no part of that. They were happy to let the taxpayers foot the bill for their health insurance. And they excoriated Stoner and I for suggesting it.

Rich Franz
Editor’s note: Rich Franz served on the Mehlville Board of Education from 2011 to 2014.