Former Green Park mayor not optimistic about how city is perceived


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

After reading some of a Green Park city official’s letters to the editor, I don’t believe that the city of Green Park will have any problem with their expansion into unincorporated areas.

Matter of fact, unincorporated areas should be knocking down the doors at Green Park City Hall wanting to be a part of Green Park. After all, just look at the brain power on the city of Green Park’s board.

We have folks on the board that can tell you how you went wrong in your thinking. And if you follow their example, there is no way you can be wrong again because they are always right.

We have a politician on the board also who has run for various county government seats. But through no fault of his own, he was not very successful. But he did try.

One seat that he did run for and was successful at was for a Ward 1 alderman seat. I won’t get into how this was accomplished now, but maybe at another time.

Green Park has also had real-estate people on the board to bring their expertise.

So now with all this brain power, how can you lose by becoming a part of the city of Green Park?

In my humble opinion, the city was much better off when we had a board of not great thinkers. Not politicians and no real-estate folks. But just down-to-earth regular folks.

And as I have said, we all were just neighbors — neighbors that watched and took care of each other, neighbors with differences of opinions but could rationally talk to each other and come up with solutions.

This is how our city came to be, and this is how I would like for our city to continue.

By the way, the first part of this letter was done tongue in cheek if you didn’t realize it.

Thank you for reading my rants and good luck to all.

Tony Konopka
Green Park
Former Green Park mayor