Former Crestwood alderman supporting Schlink for mayoral position

To the editor:

I am voting for Jeff Schlink in the upcoming election for the mayor of Crestwood.

I urge other Crestwood citizens to do the same. Why? Jeff has real-world private business experience. Jeff, unlike his opponent, has always worked in the private sector of the business world.

At Edward Jones, Jeff manages a department of 17 employees.

Because his department involves Edward Jones’ technology efforts, he is involved with almost all of the projects his company undertakes.

This means Jeff is accountable to other departments at Edward Jones for these projects, which totaled over $400 million last year.

Jeff is responsible for achieving the technology results as outlined in his company’s divisional five-year plan. This plan, in turn, supports Edward Jones’ entire five-year plan.

Due to the lack of a private business history of any merit by Crestwood’s current leadership, the city was penalized 5 percent of its reserve on a note through taxes — a penalty that Crestwood could ill afford; a penalty that our tax dollars had to pay.

With Jeff’s training and experience, that would not have happened. Jeff can read a budget more than two pages long. He understands budgets — not only how to create them, but how to work within them.

Crestwood today no longer needs a mayor with just a degree in law enforcement.

Today Crestwood must have better. Today Crestwood needs a mayor who has his bachelor’s degree in management from the University of Illinois and who has earned his master’s degree in computer management from Webster University.

Today Crestwood needs a mayor who will be effective — not reflective about how things were and a longing to bring Crestwood back.

Jeff’s training and education along with his current work experience are what Crestwood needs today to face tomorrow’s challenges. Crestwood today needs Jeff Schlink as its mayor.

Tim Trueblood


Editor’s note: Mr. Trueblood served as a Crestwood Ward 2 alderman from 1993 to 2006, when he stepped down due to term limits.