Former board president supporting Prop G

To the editor:

Residents in the Lindbergh School District will have an opportunity to demonstrate their support of quality public education when they go to the polls on April 8.

As a former Lindbergh Board of Education president, I came to understand firsthand the district’s formula for success: an unwavering commitment to high quality education for our students tempered by a great respect for our fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers.

The hardest decision I ever had to make as a member of the board was to cut $7 million from the school budget.

We knew our choice meant teachers and student programs would suffer, but we were committed to delivering to taxpayers the most fiscally responsible budget.

We also held firm during teacher contract negotiations out of respect for the district’s bottom line.

Thanks to the continued efforts of Board of Education members, Lindbergh is one of the leanest school districts in the county, with the most number of students per administration staff. One of the less obvious financial benefits of our fiscally sound district is a high bond rating. When the school needs to borrow money for capital improvements, as it will with Prop G, it will receive the lowest possible interest rate.

I am proud of the work the Board of Education has done to help create a school that has garnered a number one state ranking four years in a row, and is producing increasing numbers of students with state and national academic distinctions. I am also proud to live in a community that, through its commitment to public education, has allowed the district to thrive.

Please vote “yes” for Prop G on April 8 so that we can make room for the new students who want to reap the rewards of Lindbergh’s formula for success.