Forder Road work on target for June finish

Those orange construction cones along Forder Road between Telegraph and Ring-er roads just don’t seem to be going away, but county officials say the project is on schedule for completion in June 2005.

“It’s 70 percent done as of Halloween,” said David Wrone, a spokesman for the county Department of Highways and Transportation. “We are on target to have the thing completed by June of 2005, which has been our target date all along.”

Poor weather could delay the completion date, however.

The county nearly is finished laying storm sewer piping, Wrone said, and then will be able to finish excavating, placing the base rock, pouring the pavement and realigning the traffic lanes, thus completing the project.

Several residents have telephoned the Call, voicing concern the project will not be completed on time, however, and will continue to be a hindrance to their travel.

The $6.4 million project is nearly 57 percent complete, according to an Aug. 30 project update released by the county — the most recent update available.

A new update will be available on the county Web site by the end of November, Wrone said, that will provide more specific details about the work completed in September and October and the work remaining until June 2005.

Through August, the county installed storm sewers on Ringer and Forder roads at various locations. The Missouri-Ameri-can Water Co. also completed the new water main at Forder Court and Berview Drive, according to the report, and the Laclede Gas Co. finished installing a gas main.

Also, the county excavated for the mainline pavement from Hollyshire Drive to Ringer Road and poured the pavement on the south side of Forder Road from Tel-egraph to Ringer Roads. Pavement for the center lane and north side lane has not been poured.

To check the status of this project, visit for updated information after November.