Follow these tips to remove red wine stains

When someone spills a glass of red wine on your carpet, follow these steps to prevent that stain from becoming permanent:

• Act fast.

• Fill a cup with warm — not hot — water and add two to three drops of laundry detergent, preferably clear, for better penetration and distribution.

• Saturate the spot with about half the solution, blot the excess with paper towels — not colored napkins — repeat the saturation process and blot some more.

• Rinse with some warm water and blot again.

• Forget the myth. Pouring white wine on a red wine stain will not remove it.

Soil may be attracted to the damp spot, but proper vacuuming the next day should remove it.

If the stain goes unnoticed and sets in the carpet, you can hire an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification-certified professional who will have specialized techniques to remove the stain without damaging the carpet.

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