Flyers cultivate teamwork in 2018 season


With an abundance of new talent and quality teamwork, Lindbergh High School head coach Laura Conti hopes to see her varsity girls’ tennis team soar. Photo by Jessica Belle Kramer.

By Jessica Belle Kramer
For the Call

Lindbergh High School varsity girls’ tennis head coach Laura Conti looks forward to seeing what her players will do this year with an abundance of new and talented players joining the team this season.

“We’ve got… a lot of new girls that have come in with some talent, so I’m excited to see where they’re going to fit into the lineup,” Conti said.

With the continued growth of Lindbergh’s tennis team, and considering that she has over 40 players again this season, Conti is focusing on team building with her girls.

“It’s such a large group, for a second year in a row,” Conti said. “We are working on building bonds that extend beyond the tennis court between the girls.”

Along with team building, Conti is confident that her experienced returning players will teach the new players the ropes and “lead the younger girls,” Conti said.

Among the leaders on the team, the coaching staff anticipates leadership to come from captain Hannah Clausner and Charlette Lorenz.

“(The captain selection has) a lot to do with experience, time on the team and leadership qualities,” Conti said. “This year, our captain is Hannah Clausner. She has played for me on varsity the last three years, and she knows how to step up into that spot.”

Conti also expects certain players to step up, including sophomores Dani Rosenberger and Lauren Jacobs.

“Dani Rosenberger is our strongest returning player. She played at No. 1 last year,” Conti said. “The player that I am really looking to step up… is Lauren Jacobs. She played varsity as well for us last year, and was just a solid player with good hands. I’m looking to see where she’s going to play on the team this year, and she will definitely move up the lineup.”

Conti’s goal for her team this season is to be a .500 or better team throughout the year.