Firefighter’s letter gives insight about Kolb’s position on raising taxes

To the editor:

The March 16 letter to the editor from Monarch Fire Protection District firefighter Steve Kirdy gives us an important insight into Mehlville Fire Protection District board candidate Jane Kolb’s position on raising taxes.

This little quote speaks volumes: “Jane shares the concept of investing in our own.”

Folks, when anyone involved in elected office mentions investment, it means only one thing — higher taxes. Politicians are too clever to say they support increasing spending and raising taxes, though, so they say investment. Who doesn’t love a great investment, right?

Aaron Hilmer has reduced taxes while the fire district paid cash for four new firehouses, eight new fire trucks and 11 new ambulances. That is phenomenal.

The Kolb campaign is trying to make employee turnover the campaign issue.

Ms. Kolb incorrectly claimed a 50-percent turnover rate, while Chief Brian Hendricks, Aaron Hilmer and the Call show an amazingly low 2.02 percent turnover rate for employees going to other districts.

The truth does matter. Aaron Hilmer has fought for south county residents for the last 12 years and deserves six more years.

Please get out and vote on April 4.

Bob Mahacek