Fedorchak the best choice for school board, letter writer says

Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I attended the March 21 Mehlville Board of Education candidate forum, and that was an hour very well spent.

It was obvious listening to the candidates that one, and only one, has the experience our community needs on this board. 

The school board is not supposed to be a rubber stamp for every whiz-bang idea that comes from educators. Only one candidate will work to ensure that a proper check on administration power is in place. Only one has thoughtful plans to improve facilities and school security with no tax increases.

Ron Fedorchak is that one person. We need Ron to be our voice, to lead the newer board members, and to take back control. When I go to the polls on April 3, I’m voting for experience: the one and only Ron Fedorchak, No. 3 on the ballot.

Kent Battale