Eye injuries in the home can be prevented

Homeowners are busy with home improvements year-round, yet many people fail to take the proper precautions to protect their eyes from potential harm.

Nearly 1.5 million eye injuries in the United States occur annually in the home, despite the fact that 90 percent of these in-juries could be prevented by using protective eyewear.

Eye injuries most often occur when people are in a hurry, according to a news re-lease.

Eye injuries in the home can be prevented by taking the following steps:

• Remind family members to put on safety glasses when starting a project.

• Check the lawn for debris that could potentially become projectiles before starting yard work.

• Keep a pair or two of protective glasses around the house in places that will remind you to wear them.


for additional information regarding eye safety.

By visiting that website, you can download the Vision Council’s Eye Safety at a Glance, Protecting Your Vision at Home.