Experience to be key to Flyers’ success


With most of her veteran players returning, Lindbergh High School head coach Laura Conti has high hopes this year for her varsity girls’ tennis team. Photo by Bill Milligan.

By Robert Chalupny
For the Call

Despite the loss of Kat Rosenberger, who won one state title and medaled in her other three years with the Lindbergh High School varsity girls’ tennis team, head coach Laura Conti is optimistic about the 2017 season.

Rosenberger won the state championship as a doubles player in 2015, a title she shared with her younger sister Alex Rosenberger. The pair played together for two seasons, appearing at state both times.

Now, Alex will get to play with her younger sister Dani as the Rosenberger tennis tradition at Lindbergh continues.

“We lost Kat. She was our No. 1, of course. That’s gigantic, but Kat is out and little sister Dani has come up to the high school as a new ninth-grader, so we are happy to have her,” Conti told the Call.

Because the Lindbergh squad has a great deal of experience, Conti said she has high hopes for the season.

“I am happy to have most of the team returning. All in all, I’m optimistic that it could go well,” she said.

Alex and Dani Rosenberger and Alayna Mulvaney will play each other for the top three spots.

“That’s three really experienced, good players. That is something that I really haven’t had and I’m looking forward to that,” Conti said. “We also return our last year’s third and fourth player and then we’ve picked up two other new girls to the team that will also vie for those top six positions.”

A strength this group possesses is the players came back from summer break better than they left.

“I think that our top three and then some have put in some good hours this summer and are hitting the ball well. I think that there is camaraderie and competitiveness amongst them for those six positions, which is nice,” Conti said.

Good focus and solid development will be the keys to building a successful team this season, the coach said.