Ex-alderman supports another term for Foote

To the editor:

I would like to show my appreciation for the service John Foote has given the city of Crestwood in his term of office as Ward 4 alderman.

John has a lot of good qualities that are rare in public servants anymore: the ability to listen to other points of view without getting upset about it and the perspective of the long-term health of the city versus the short term, which is usually more politically expedient.

John has always been the calm voice of reason on the Board of Alderman conducting himself with decorum and with respect for his colleagues.

Even if I didn’t always agree with John, I always respected his views and his arguments supporting them were thoughtful and compelling.

It is for these reasons that Ward 4 and all of Crestwood deserves another term from Mr. Foote as alderman.

Steve Knarr


Editor’s note: Mr. Knarr is a former Ward 2 alderman in Crestwood.