Everyone in Washington, D.C., politics ‘destroying this great nation’

To the editor,

I’m sending this based on the Oct. 11 letter to the editor headlined: “Obama and his czar cronies destroying nation, letter writer says.”

First off, Mr. Robert L. Praprotnik is out of touch with reality. I’m amazed at the lack of facts and lack of intelligence that was presented in the letter. It seemed more like an uninformed Republican spouting off at the keyboard and giving other Republicans, who base beliefs on fact as opposed to silliness, a bad name.

If for one second anyone who lives in this country, let alone reality, believes that someone elected by an overwhelming majority of the population is trying to turn the United States over to Muslims has to be out of his mind. Maybe Mr. Praprotnik needs to read a little more and do some fact checking before he keeps making himself look any more foolish, if that is possible.

In conclusion, I hope that the nation will recognize that the fact that everyone in politics in Washington, D.C., is destroying this great nation and they need to be replaced.

We need information based in reality.