ER a broken-down shed in back yard instead of magnificent front door

I was an ER nurse at St. Anthony’s Medical Center for two years.

In those two years, I had four different managers and I feel the current management team was hired to save the Titanic and not even supplied a bucket.

I have never understood why people will wait four to five hours to be seen, but because people do wait, the administration “accepts” it.

This should be an exception, not the norm. Anyone who has seen me at triage knows this has never been OK with me.

National staffing ratios do not work for St. Anthony’s volume and acuity. Working 12-plus hours without a chance to eat is not healthy for the staff or the patients.

Hopefully, management will realize you have to spend money to make money — even in health care.

For two years, I listened to “hang in there, it will get better,” and finally took a pay cut to leave.

This was not an easy decision for me, but I have been blessed to continue working with my fellow ER doctors.

I could no longer work for an organization that treats the ER like a broken-down shed in the back yard instead of the magnificent front door it should be.

Suzanne McGinnis RN