Electing Hawley to U.S. Senate only benefits Humphreys, TAMKO


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

When deciding who to vote for this election, U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Kirkwood, or Attorney General Josh Hawley, consider this: David Humphreys is the billionaire president of TAMKO, which makes roofing shingles.

People thought his TAMKO shingles were awful and sued. But David argued they didn’t read the print on the shingles’ packaging that says you can’t sue him.

The Missouri and Supreme Courts disagreed. Lawsuits were filed from Florida to California.

Well, David was fit to be tied. After considering whether TAMKO should leave Missouri, because, you know, Missouri law and its courts were so unfair to him, he decided to stay.

And to get even.

So in 2016 David donates $11 million to buy an obedient Missouri House of Republicans and attorney general (Josh Hawley).

They go to work to gut consumer protection laws in order to, you guessed it, stop people from suing TAMKO and his awful shingles.

The Legislature passes the anti-union right-to-work law – the one people voted down in the August primary.

Hawley also files a state lawsuit against the federal government which puts two million Missourians with pre-existing medical conditions at risk of losing their health coverage.

Now Humphreys is bankrolling Hawley’s bid for U.S. Senate. Hawley will not work for Missourians if you help put him there on election day.

Steve Reed
Sunset Hills