Elected boards must emulate MFPD’s success

To the editor:

After reading about the Mehlville Fire Protection District’s fiscal responsibility in the March 22 Call, maybe those people who chastised Aaron Hilmer about his Ponzi scheme comment should apologize to him.

How can anyone argue with the results that the current MFPD board has brought about? The initial works of Mr. Hilmer and Bonnie Stegman have paid off in saving millions of dollars for, you, the taxpayer.

This is why they were elected in 2005, to represent the taxpayers of the district and bring new life to the fire district.

All the while, there were new firehouses built and new equipment provided to the great firefighters who make up the MFPD— all without a tax increase.

This is why elected boards, especially school boards, need to have these types of fiscal conservatives as members. In these times of economic trouble — been to the gas pump lately? — it is even more important to have fiscal conservatives on the board to keep the best interest of the owners — taxpayers — in mind, as the MFPD has done.

By the way, a note to the state representatives of our area, maybe you can pick up a few tips on pension fund reform from the MFPD. At least the MFPD is not $8 billion underfunded.

Greg Frigerio


Editor’s note: Mr. Frigerio is a founding member of the Mehlville Community Taxpayers Association.