Educator dreams of united Mehlville community

To the editor:

At the March 25 Mehlville school board meeting, Mr. Ken Meyer, representing the Mehlville Community Taxpayers Association, accused Superintendent Norm Ridder and the Mehlville teachers of staging a “bullying event,” because there were a large number of teachers in attendance at a previous school board meeting.

Meyer went on to say that teachers should not be talking about what is going on in the district because that is for “Mehlville taxpayers, administrators, and school board members to discuss.” In fact, about half of the teachers that work in the district are also invested members of the Mehlville community and taxpayers.

Mr. Meyer also accused Dr. Ridder of using high school students, “who are not taxpayers and who have very little knowledge regarding tax issues,” as pawns because they spoke up for their teachers and their schools.

He concluded by saying, “If we have personnel in Mehlville who believe and feel they are underpaid, overworked and not appreciated, this is America … they can go anywhere and pursue any dream.”

As a teacher and taxpayer, my dream for the Mehlville School District is a united community that puts our children and their future as a high priority.