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Educating children in public schools has a positive effect on society


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

This is a response to the letter titled “Reader objects to idea private schools are so children aren’t ‘mixing’” by Bob Horas in the Dec. 13 edition of the Call.

The last two sentences of his letter caught my eye: “Many of us are not wealthy but believe it is worth sacrifice to send our children to strong academic and religious schools. We did what we felt was best for our children, just as you are free to do the same for yours, without judgment.”

I believe those last two sentences are heartfelt. But, I do not believe that approach produces the best outcome for society, even though it can produce the best outcome for our individual families.

I believe it is best for society when we can get as many people as possible educated so that they can become productive members of society. Many people cannot afford to send their children to a good private school, even with the help of a voucher.

So, those children get stuck in a public school that might have less resources leading to lower graduation rates, leading to less productive members of society.

But if we just had all the students go to the public schools and focused all our resources on those public schools, more children would have an opportunity to do well.

I guess I’m suggesting a change in mindset: Think of how our decisions how we have our children educated affects society as a whole rather than just our individual family. I know that might be a radical and difficult concept to accept, and I’m sure it will draw a lot of angry responses.

But I believe it provides a pathway forward to a more equal society, where more people can have a positive impact on how productive and democratic our society can be.

Michael Nolan

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