Editorial: Newspaper urges Lindbergh voters to vote ‘yes’ on Proposition L

The Call urges Lindbergh Schools’ voters to approve Proposition L when they go to the polls next Tuesday.

We agree with Chief Financial Officer Pat Lanane that voter approval of Proposition L next week will have no impact on the Lindbergh Schools’ tax rate, but will benefit taxpayers, children and the district.

In placing Proposition L on the ballot, the Board of Education is asking voters to approve a waiver of the state’s Proposition C sales-tax rollback. Proposition C is a 1-cent statewide sales tax dedicated to education funding. Half of the revenue collected is divided among the state’s public school districts and the other half is returned to taxpayers in the form of a property-tax rollback unless district voters have approved a waiver of that rollback.

It’s important to note that voter approval of the waiver of the Proposition C sales-tax rollback will have no economic impact whatsoever on Lindbergh taxpayers at this time because the district’s operating tax rate is at the state minimum — $2.75 per $100 of assessed valuation.

If voters approve Proposition L, not a single Lindbergh taxpayer will pay one cent more in taxes. However, when the Board of Education decides to seek a tax-rate increase at some point in the future — and that day eventually will come — the rollback waiver will come into play. Without the waiver, Lindbergh officials would have to seek a tax-rate increase greater than what is needed.

For example, if the board decided to place a tax-rate increase on the ballot, it would have to ask for an additional 14.8 cents over what it actually needed. That just doesn’t make sense.

As we’ve said before, we believe Lindbergh administrators and board members have been exemplary stewards of taxpayer dollars. Given that exemplary record of fiscal stewardship, we wholeheartedly encourage Lindbergh residents to vote in favor of Proposition L.