Editor ‘publicly spurns valid information’ on government corruption

To the editor:

Mike Anthony’s Oct. 1 “Call the Tune” column is a matter of perception.

People see/understand things differently despite having been exposed to the same facts and circumstances. Case on point: Mike Anthony perceives my election to office as disingenuous because I ran unopposed.

Yet in elections past, he offered no criticism of other Green Park aldermen who have run unopposed. Why criticize me?

Anthony also perceives the lawsuit filed against me by non-resident landlord Jean-Pierre Henrotay as a legal issue between two citizens. So he perceives my request to Green Park for reimbursement for my legal fees as self-serving, putting my interests above those of the city.

But he fails to perceive the obvious furtive involvement of city officials who assisted Henrotay with his lawsuit, or to question why city officials have attempted to cover up their involvement.

Is corruption of government and citizen abuse by government officials not an issue of concern to the Call?

Anthony also perceives my attempting to bring to light the many failings of Green Park government and the often unethical behavior of its officials as “grandstanding.”

He challenges me to take any “credible evidence of wrongdoing” to the prosecuting attorney, not to him. So Anthony must be perceived as a community newspaper editor/reporter who publicly spurns valid information concerning the corruption of local government.

So readers surely perceive that when Anthony “Call(s) the Tune” concerning the city of Green Park, it will be hear and see no evil, write no evil.

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park

Editor’s note: Michael K. Broughton serves as a Ward 1 Green Park alderman.