ECE celebrates 25 years of character education

“ECE Flyers are Good Friends” is the touchstone that unites students, families and staff at Lindbergh Early Childhood Education, as the building celebrates 25 years of character education in November with a week of fun activities.

“Social emotional development, which includes character education, is an integral part of any quality early childhood program,” Julianne Woodle, ECE preschool coordinator, stated in a news release.

Students celebrated their school’s milestone anniversary with hat day, a “bring-your-favorite-book-to-share” day, a schoolwide parade and an all-school dance party.

Children of all ages celebrated friendship in the halls as disco balls spun and music played over the intercom. In addition, every ECE family received a cutout star and wrote on it how their child shows character. The stars are on display in the school’s multipurpose room windows.

“One of our primary goals is to develop students of good character, who are able to see the valuable role they play in making our school, and our world, a better place,” Woodle stated. “The touchstone is a clear, measurable way for young children to learn what it means to be a person of good character. Throughout the building, you can hear children talking about how good friends show respect or how good friends show integrity, depending on our character education focus for the month.”