Eardley only Mehlville Board of Education member ‘tethered to reality’

To the editor:

After reading the Call recently, it looks like there is only one member of the Mehlville Board of Education tethered to reality — Kathleen Eardley.

Forget about the different bids and re-bates, there is no justification for building tennis courts with our money.

I thought schools were for something else altogether.

Earth to Mehlville Board of Education: None of you, with the exception of Kathleen Eardley, seem to have any idea of how this sits with many of us that our money would even be considered being used for tennis courts.

Whatever the present cultural currents, a performing-arts center is a want, not a need. I notice the word “auditorium” is now being used in place of the original words — performing-arts center.

High schools do not need expensive state-of-the-art performing-arts centers.

What is a need is economic education to replace economic illiteracy.

It’s too bad the next Mehlville town-hall meeting was scheduled for Oct. 22, a presidential debate night.