Duchild sounds like ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,’ reader says

To the editor:

Martha Duchild, dear Martha, responding to your Dec. 22 letter, you sound like “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!”

The words you spouted about Sue Bremehr are just not the person I have had the privilege of knowing as a volunteer for Christmas in Crestwood. Sue devotes much of her time to a career, her special-needs son and to making Crestwood a better and happier place to live. She is kind, generous and very hard working.

Furthermore, she is a private citizen and most certainly has the right to voice her concern regarding the now-defunct proposal from the St. Vincent De Paul organization. There were many residents who opposed it for one reason or another.

I, for one, opposed it because that locale does not have the outdoor space to accommodate the massive amounts of donations sure to have flooded its doors, nor the driveway space to allow big trucks to deliver or receive large inventory.

If you are unaware, we already have two nonprofit locations in Crestwood. Savers, in the former Barnes & Noble bookstore, and Hidden Gems directly behind Applebee’s, not to mention Goodwill, just on the outskirts in Sunset Hills. I believe those provide enough goodwill for any person of need.

Crestwood is in a financial slump due to the closure of Crestwood mall years ago.

The last thing Crestwood needs is another nonprofit business.

The property sought by St. Vincent de Paul is prime real estate and one day soon a revenue-based business will occupy it and realize its true potential, and that Crestwood is a thriving and growing community due to those citizens, employees and volunteers who wish to build it from within, not tear it down.

The Grinch’s heart grew two sizes too big by Christmas Day. May yours, as well, dear Martha.