Do you want more of county government for the next 10 years?

To the editor:

I remember years ago when my friends and I celebrated the new trash collection districts.

We didn’t know how to actually choose who picks up our trash. Luckily, St. Louis County government provided us with a solution to this difficult burden, to everyone’s satisfaction and with no lawsuits. Wait — that’s not what happened.

I remember last year when my friends and I celebrated the new low-income senior facility. Seniors here didn’t know how to find somewhere to live in Oakville.

Luckily, St. Louis County government allowed the folks from Columbus, Ohio, to provide a solution to this problem to everyone’s satisfaction without any uproar. Wait — that’s not how it happened.

I remember a decade ago when my friends and I celebrated the trash-transfer station coming to Oakville. Wait — that never happened.

We in south county choose to live in an area with very nice homes, low crime, solid businesses and churches, very good private and parochial schools, and strong police and fire protection.

We don’t ask Clayton for its “solutions.” We pretty much ask to be left alone. Most days, we want the government just to get out of our way.

So if you’re unhappy with how St. Louis County government has treated south county the last 10 years, take a few minutes to check out the alternative governments being considered for south county.

Ask hard questions, and then make up your own mind about what type of local government you want to service you and your family.

Or you can wait to celebrate the next paternalistic “solution” from Clayton.