District 97 voters should research candidates in next week’s election


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
Voting is a valuable right. It is your voice in government.
On Feb. 6, constituents of District 97 will get the opportunity to elect a new member to the Missouri House of Representatives.
But many people may not vote. Perhaps they are unaware that they are in District 97. District 97 includes part of Fenton and part of Arnold, with constituents in both South St. Louis County and Jefferson County.
Maybe they feel uninformed about the candidates, so they choose not to vote.
Armed with knowledge, the citizen can make a confident vote.
To get that knowledge, you can look to the League of Women Voters of Metro St. Louis. The league has put together a mini Voters’ Guide just for the District 97 special election.
To make a more informed choice, look on the league’s website at www.lwvstl.org/Candidates.html.
Voting is the duty of each citizen in our democracy.
Do your voting research. Knowledge is power. Then go vote next week.
It is your government. I choose engagement over apathy.
Angie Dunlap