Disincorporation only solution to ‘complete scam of incorporation’

To the editor:

The wife and I recently enjoyed the annual Festival of the Little Hills in St. Charles.

It is a down-home American event that has been enjoyed by many for quite some time, featuring crafts, music and food. The Missouri River was picturesque and the sweet smiles of all the beautiful women were warm and endearing as well as everyone out there.

We got there about 8:30 a.m. and sat on a bench at the Trailhead Brewing Co. at the corner of Fifth and Main. Just before 9 a.m., an unprecedented amount of vehicles poured into the entire complex. It was actually a caravan of vehicles.

It was instant deja vu. This is Patsy Drive in Ronnie Hills on a nice sunshiny weekend. In fact, three subdivisions, several businesses and whoever enjoys the luxury of cutting through on Patsy Drive.

There are some good people who have been hoodwinked and have given up a portion of their freedom for an ill-conceived and erroneous free trash pickup. Is $120 a year worth giving up your freedom?

Clayton is bad enough, but when this incorporation took place it just created another layer of government. How much do the city attorney, clerks, the mayor and aldermen get paid annually?

What have the people gotten out of all this? Give me a break.

I am trying to sell my residence and move elsewhere. Of 18 prospective buyers, 11 claimed there is too much traffic.

Thank you, Green Park. This is not what I bought into even though I voted against this incorporation.

When they incorporated, there was a situation where they could rectify what a member of the County Council did.

But Green Park didn’t.

Recently, a young boy who lives in the neighborhood who rides his bike all over the place was sandwiched in from both northbound and southbound traffic at the corner of Patsy and Marbob. At approximately 2 p.m., there was literally a caravan of vehicles wanting to get in and out as fast as they could go.

There are kids all over this neighborhood who have a right to be safe on our streets in Ronnie Hills. I have requested that Patsy be turned into a one-way street out to Lindbergh, which would accommodate everyone in all subdivisions. Does this all have to come down to a child being run over and killed before the right thing is done?

God deliver us from the Green Park facade. Do we have to wait for something horrifying as a child getting killed before the right thing is done?

Wake up people, disincorporation is the only solution to the total and complete scam of incorporation.

Mike “Grassroots” Povich

Green Park