Did Mehlville superintendent ask four peers to write letter for him?

To the editor:

I found the recent letter to the editor from the four superintendents to be rather humorous.

Humorous in the fact that I thought it was a joke, and being one all for humor I am now going to have my wife and kids write a letter to the Call nominating me for “Father of the Year.”

They have the same sort of credibility as these guys among themselves and they know me well, just like these guys know each other.

These five superintendents, including Mehlville School District Superintendent Chris Gaines, all belong to the same organization called the American Association of School Administrators, The School Superintendents Association, or AASA.

I suggest they start a new organization for their own benefit and call it the Mutual Admiration Society. In this organization, they can recommend each other for future superintendent jobs and tell the public how lonely it is at the top and just how difficult it is being a superintendent making over $200,000 per year.

Wait, it looks like that is already being accomplished in the AASA.

Dr. Gaines, can you answer my question: Did you get your feeling hurt by Bob Franey’s letter and ask your four peers to write this letter for you?

It sure looks like it.