Deutschmann hopes letter clears his name as being ‘a boogie man’

To the editor:

Mr. Wasson is correct in saying that I stopped the charter amendments in April.

However, he never gave my reasons for it. Here again is my reason. We are a charter city, and the charter explicitly states on page 16 that if the city administrator finds that the revenue coming in will not cover budgeted expenses, then he is to notify the Board of Aldermen and mayor and take steps to stop any deficit spending.

This was never done. The city ended up borrowing money. What good is the charter if the rules are not followed?

Now they have finally put good charter amendments together. However, the one city official who was responsible for the financial fiasco was never even reprimanded. The new amendment only clarifies city officials. I am not accusing the new administrator of any wrongdoing. However, he or she must be included in this amendment so the city and we citizens are fully protected.

I hope that this finally clears my name as being a boogie man when I am only trying to help the city get out of a big financial bind.

This is exclusively for the Call if they have the stomach to print.

Robert Deutschmann