Despite assertions to the contrary, Sunset Hills is fiscally sound

To the editor:

Sunset Hills Mayor Mark Furrer has selected four candidates to run in each ward, hoping that he can get another vote to block his impeachment.

They like to point out that the board passed a deficit budget for 2015. Ward 1 candidate Daniel Werner said he wants the city to be financially solvent. Ward 3 candidate Keith Kostial says he will put us on a sound sustainable financial path, suggesting it is not already. They hope you won’t check.

Aldermen adopted a budget for 2015 that projects a 2.4-percent deficit for the year. The Finance Committee recommended this budget anticipating that income is likely to increase during the year, and some contractual expenses have been actually costing less than expected. This trend is likely to continue. Income increases and expense reductions have already reduced the deficit to 1.5 percent in the first three months of the year. If there is a shortfall at year’s end, the city’s reserve fund is bigger than the entire budget.

The city is on a very sound and sustainable financial program.