Democrats to blame for county’s ills, reader says

To the editor:

When Republicans governed St. Louis County, government was trim and taxes were low.

When Democrats got control, Democrats bloated county government with pork-barrel jobs and contracts for their pals, and Democrats sharply increased taxes.

Now that Democrats have a stranglehold on St. Louis County, they are adding more pork-barrel jobs and contracts for their pals — and must raise your taxes.

Democrats are ramming another football stadium down the throats of taxpayers.

Democrats are wasting billions more dollars for commuter trains that almost nobody rides. Democrats little by little are merging St. Louis City into St. Louis County, creating a Frankenstein monster — another bankrupt Detroit. Detroit was once wealthier than St. Louis City and St. Louis County combined. Democrats have strangled Detroit for 60 years.

Democrats are destroying your jobs, homes, churches, schools and families — like Detroit — and like St. Louis City since 1951. Taxpayers and jobs are fleeing from St. Louis County — or planning to break away to form a new county.

St. Louis County will probably get more taxpayers and jobs if you elect conservative Republicans. St. Charles County is conservative Republican — growing wealthier, strengthening homes, churches, schools and families — without pork-barrel football stadiums, without pork-barrel commuter trains and without bloated government.